Stoic Investing

Human Misjudgment Series Introduction
  There are only two ways of clearing an exam. The first involves rigorous reading of the books...
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Human Misjudgment : Availability Bias
  Are you planning to buy a specific car? Go out and you will start noticing that so many people...
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Stock don’t know that!!!
This was my reaction to a statement made by an acquaintance of mine who was discussing how a particular...
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Favourite commencement speeches
Few days back Michael Burry gave the commencement speech at UCLA. He is one of the few independent thinkers...
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Investing : Comme par magie
I love Christopher Nolan. Being a movie enthusiast (technically also), I just admire and cherish his...
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A post with a heavy heart!!!
  I remember my CAT coaching days and preparation for interviews after i got some calls… In all...
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George Soros: The new paradigm for financial markets
Usually you will not find George Soros books in the library of a devoted value investing practitioner...
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Fund Manager
Fallacy of academic economics and other subjects
Often in the classrooms Economics is taught to us in a very scientific manner. It tries and establish...
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“Realty” strikes hard !!!
Its interesting times in Indian political and economic scenario and stock markets… Every day there is...
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