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Investing like any other profession has very prominent personalities and it pays to learn from them (and their mistakes and successes). But its equally important to remember that just like while learning Golf its good to admire and aspire to be a player like Tiger woods, your swing and shots has to adjust according to your talent and not that of Wood’s, similarly investing has to be done according to your talents and temperament but you can and must learn from other investors.

There are a lot investors I read about and learn from. Here is the list

Indian Investors:

1. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala : There is no need to say much about him so I will skip it but I make sure that I read all interviews and investments he made in and study how he made a killing in few and also where he made the mistakes. I plan to discuss some of them here on the blog.

2. Prof. Sanjay Bakshi : I have been lucky to get the opportunity to learn from Prof. Bakshi during my MDI days. His course was instrumental in my decision to make security analysis as my profession. I have studies his past deals in detail and his multidisciplinary approach is commendable and inspiring.

3. Chetan Parikh: Even though there is not much information on his investments, Mr. Parikh has done a great deal of favour to all investors by maintaining a wonderful website Its a must read for any investor.

Other Investors :

On the risk of stating the obvious, let me just mention here for the benefit of people new to investing, the gurus who no one can ever ignore.

Warren Buffett: His letter to shareholders is the best textbook of finance one can ever get. Besides that, there have been numerous books on Mr. Buffett. I plan to include the review of the ones I have read.

Benjamin Graham: The father of value investing who wrote the Bible of investing “Security Analysis” in 1934 which is still the most relevant book on investing. His “intelligent investor” has been guiding investors for decades and is still a must read book for all investors.

Other prominent investors I have read and learned a great deal from are :

Charles T. Munger , Peter Lynch, Martin Whitman , Mohnish Pabrai , Robert Rubin etc. My intent will be to introduce them via their concepts during certain blog articles.

I hope everyone learns from these gurus and embark on a journey to be a “Pragmatic Investor”

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