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Wisdom Pill – Vol 3

The last month was filled with amazing roller coaster ride in markets and in my life too. Too much of travel left me with very little opportunities to write. So here is my 3rd letter for you. Hope you find it worthy of your time

The articles that I found worth reading in last few days

  1. A very interesting conversation ensued after Manish Dhawan of Mystic Wealth critiqued a very interesting presentation of Professor Bakshi. Please don’t stop at just the article. The comments section has a lot of juice. Read it in full.
  1. A very interesting podcast on Bridge and Investing. I am a great fan of Poker and am learning Bridge nowadays and found this podcast as some kind of serendipitous reminder to carry onJ. See it here. Infact, let me try something interesting here, if you like playing Poker or Bridge, mention it here along with your city and let’s plan some investor’s poker and Bridge group. Interested??
  1. Scuttlebutt process is a very important component of my investing process. The interview of Paul Lountzis on Simoleonsense was a good reminder of a lot of important steps. Please see the interview here. I prepared some notes in mindmap which was helpful for a lot of readers. If you want to download the mindmap, find it here.
  1. I read articles like this on ‘Earth like Planet’ and am fascinated. Infact, at times like these I realize how important it is for people like Elon Musk on this earth. We need the technology and visionaries to make it possible.
  1. A very interesting post by Professor Bakshi which gives a very interesting perspective on holding on to great businesses and how difficult it can be to psychologically hold on to such companies given the volatility in them. Please read it
  1. In my previous letters I have shared few articles on Solar Power. It is inevitable that we will be relying a lot on Solar power for a lot of our future energy needs and the best breakthrough is from none other than Elon Musk’s Powerall storage systems. This HBR article by two professors of Warwick Business School discusses how Tesla is betting on complete Solar Power potential. It’s a very interesting article which gives us a small glimpse in future. Read it
  1. At a recent investor meeting where I was speaking, Safir Anand, a lawyer and a dear friend of mine spoke on how 3D printing is a disruptive technology which one should keep a watch on as it might give some amazing opportunities in future. Well, I was surprised when I read this article. The extent of use of this technology surprised me. It is definitely to be watched and I am planning to visit Safir’s office to have a look at the 3D printer which he has recently installed.
  1. This is one company which I have been studying for some time now. The ride of the management, how political links can make and break businesses, what unknowns unknowns can hit such businesses and many more learning from reading about this company. The name of the company is Sun TV. It’s a very strong media franchise of South India. Few interesting articles I found on the same in last few issues of various magazines. This article is very exhaustive and interesting. Do read.
  1. They say,

“If you want to be a millionaire, Start with a billion and invest in Airlines”3

The aviation industry is a fascinating example of how an industry can be a boon for society but a bane for investors. Can things change?

2 interesting articles on the industry

  • Cover Story of Business-world magazine on Aviation Industry and Government policy for the segment. Click here
  • Interview of Air Pegasus MD in Forbes India. Click here


Other interesting articles from Print Media for which links are not available

  1. I have been studying Publishing industry to evaluate a possible investment in a company. The article titled ‘The Changing Frontiers’ by Vivek Mehra, MD & CEO of SAGE INDIA provided goods insights on the industry and presented a well thought out SWOT Analysis of the industry.
  2. A very interesting article

Interesting week and some updates

Over the last few days, I was invited by Capital Mind to talk on ‘Portfolio Construction Techniques’. It was a very well received and would like to know feedback of you guys. Here is the link of the video. I will be posting the transcript of the same soon on my blog here.

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